sand casting simulation

Casting Simulation Services for Grey, SG Iron

If you have not Purchase any  Casting Simulation software then you should try our services to solve problem which occurs in any Foundry Production or which generates during pouring of any casting.  This is best way to identify why casting have some problem or defects like Shrinkages, Blow Hole, Inclusions etc. Casting simulation is run very fast to find solution for casting.  It  provides optimum sizes for runner, ingate  riser so that casting will produce without any defect. Also Gating component is with optimum size, yield will also improves.

  • Complete process can be visualized so that we can understand what happen during pouring of casting
  • Problematic area can be identify in early stage of development without actual pouring in foundry
  • Many solutions can be try to find out better result or possibility
  • Optimum size can achieved after several casting simulation trials
  • Money will be save because of optimum gating, less number of trials, also material, energy, manpower time will be save

What is Casting  simulation services?

Foundry process is full  of Trial and error method. Sometimes or  many times wrong parameter setting gives foundry lots of loss in terms of money. How we can save this money?

There is lots of ways to save money but one of them is using casting simulation software. There are lots of software  like Magama. Procast  etc  are  available. Each software have  unique functionality. We can verify some parameter of foundry in casting simulation to find out which parameter works good for a specific casting, material grade or process

Every trial is expensive and each trial  consume time and money but in virtual condition, there will be no waste of time and money in foundry. It provides cost effective fast, reliable solution for foundry defects.

Foundry Industry is used aluminium pattern   for a specific  requirement.    Aluminium Pattern is used as a Pattern Insert in Match plate, It is used as  Pattern for Hand Mold Purpose. It is also used  to make big Casting whose weight is in TONS.

Aluminium Pattern is basically used for  two purpose.  It has low weight compare to other metallic pattern and it does not required any special take care  because it  does not rusty during production like cast  iron pattern which needs always finishing work before handover to production.