Disa Machine Pattern

What is Disa Machine Pattern?

There are many type of Machine moulding Pattern. Disa machine pattern is one  of them.  It is used in Disa Moulding machine to produce casting. It  is made up of Cast Iron, sometimes is it made of some other material like alloy steel,  En31, P20 etc.

It consists of Match Plate, Pattern, Guide Bar, Pouring cup, Runner and gating system, Locking screw, Mounting screw. QPC ( Quick Pattern change) bolt, Brass strip, Rubber strip etc. This type of pattern is  manufacture by VMC machine. After machining grinding is also required so that mould breakage issue will be zero in production.

What is DISA in  cast iron?

DISAMATIC is an Fully automatic production line which produces  fast  sand molds for sand casting process. This  is commonly used in mass production of metal castings for the automotive, non automotive and other  machine industry.

What is high pressure Moulding line?

High Pressure Molding Process consists of mainly the moulding machine and mold transporting conveyor. A molding sand mixture, basically green sand, dextrineor coal dust  and  bentonite, is blown into a mould chamber with the help of  compressed air pressure. The molding sand is then squeezed  with the help of two patterns, which are available at the both ends of the chamber.