Foundry Patterns

Q. What is Foundry Pattern use in industry?

A. Foundry Pattern is just copy of actual casting part. Some extra Draft angle, machining allowances, shrinkage is added. Core print may be added to  Pattern. Casting have simple and  intricate profile. Sand fill in  bottom box and then adjusted pattern in bottom half after compete ramming. Pattern releasing agent is distribute on all face of bottom mold. Intricate profile is made by core. If profile is not taken by self mold then core is used to take that impression.

Core print is required to accomodate core in mold.


Foundry Pattern


Q. What are different types of  Foundry patterns used in  industry ?

A.  1. Single  piece Foundry pattern

2. Double parted Foundry Pattern

3. Foundry Pattern with Match plate ( Cope Pattern and Drag Pattern)

4. Special Foundry Pattern


  1. Single Piece foundry Pattern – One Pattern give impression in two mold half namely cope mold and drag mold, these mold are basically made by green sand. Many time of sand is  used